Lymphatic Drainage and Athletic Recovery with The Ballancer Pro

Experience rejuvenating lymphatic drainage therapy and athletic recovery in Brookline and Canton, MA, at Dream Spa Medical. Enhance your performance and wellness with our expert treatments.

The Ballancer Pro is not just a device; it’s a transformative experience that seamlessly integrates aesthetics, recovery, and wellness. With 40 years of expertise in compression therapy technology, this device is designed to flush out toxins and lactic acid at an accelerated rate, providing efficient relief from muscle soreness. It is a comfortable and relaxing procedure.

"My go-to choice for recovery!"

Multipurpose Solution For Recovery and Wellness

The Ballancer Pro is a touchless system that transcends traditional boundaries, delivering immediate transformative results.

Whether you’re preparing for a red carpet event, wedding, detoxification, body contouring, or athletic recovery, the Ballancer Pro seamlessly elevates your wellness journey.

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Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage
  • Aesthetic

  • Athletic

  • Wellness

Session Length:
20-60 minutes
Duration of Results:
Immediate with maintenance
Sessions Needed:

Benefits of Ballancer Pro


Safe, FDA-approved, Non-Invasive
Faster recovery time
Reduces fluid retention and swelling
Firmer toned skin post-pregnancy or weight loss
Increases oxygen levels and nourishment to tissues


Weight loss
Body toning
Cellulite Reduction
Metabolic waste/fat reduction


Injury prevention and recovery
Lactic acid/metabolic waste removal
Full body toxin flush-out


Complete body detox
Relief of muscular pain and aches
Reduce inflammation

Why Ballancer Pro at Dream Spa Medical?

At Dream Spa Medical, our unwavering commitment to excellence goes beyond traditional limits, offering high-end experiences that seamlessly blend aesthetics, recovery, and wellness.

Whether you’re pursuing aesthetic enhancements, athletic recovery, or overall wellness when you choose our clinic for Ballancer Pro sessions, our dedicated team of experts will provide you with a personalized experience, a welcoming environment, and exceptional results. We are driven to deliver a relaxing atmosphere to enhance your journey toward a healthier, more revitalized you!

What to Expect

From the comfort of a relaxing setting, without any provider or invasive procedures, you will comfortably lie in the Ballancer Pro and experience the proven benefits of lymphatic drainage massage.

How Long Does It Take?

Ballancer Pro Sessions range from 20-60 minutes depending on the targeted areas. It is recommended to complete 2-3 sessions each week, however results are felt immediately after one session.

Combine Treatments for Amazing Results

Level up your Ballancer Pro with a combination technique!

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