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As we age, you may notice that the skin around your jowls and neck begins to sag. But Profound RF microneedling tightens the skin in those areas, so you look younger and healthier. It can also reduce cellulite for a smoother skin texture.

And unlike some other skin treatments, you can see the results of Profound in Foxborough after a single procedure.

“Volume and tightness abound all around with Profound at Dream Spa!”

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What Profound Treats
  • Sagging/drooping skin

  • Fine lines & wrinkles

  • Uneven skin tone

  • Lost volume

  • Signs of aging

  • Cellulite

Treatment Type:
Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling
Duration of Results:
4 years
1 day
Sessions Needed:

Profound Before & After

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See Skin Rejuvenation Results Fast!

While many skin treatments boast fast results, Profound in Foxborough is unlike any other treatment on the market because it bolsters a 100% response rate, and that’s after just one treatment!

Profound delivers results by way of radiofrequency (RF) energy. Five pairs of electrodes create micro-channels in the skin. Next, they send RF energy deep into the dermal layers, heating them to kickstart the body’s processes. This forces an increase in collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin.

Combine Treatments for Amazing Results

Level up your Profound with a combination technique!

Lip Fillers
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Under Eye Rejuvenation
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Pre- & Post-Care Instructions for Profound in Foxborough